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Action by Christian Teaching and Studies (ACTS) was founded in 1965 by a group of students at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. Since 1968, when the group dispersed, it has been based at Cambridge (and operates as ACTS Cambridge).

Its key aims were to discover and disseminate Bible Truth by means of:
• Bible study and Research
• Training in Bible study
• Preaching and Publishing.

Since 1965 ACTS has published books, booklets, articles and aids to Bible study. Many have been reproduced in Christian magazines both in the UK and overseas.
Some titles have been selected for study as set books in Bible College.

Speakers have also given numerous public lectures, organised conferences, led study groups and church services, and mentored Bible students in tutorials and seminars.

A key focus has led to publications and teaching on the prophetic scriptures which too often are sadly neglected or poorly understood.

This website went live in April 2008 as an educational resource for public benefit.
It provides free information and easy access to some materials for free down-loading.
It also gives an opportunity to buy research booklets at prices set to cover reprinting costs. This supports ACTS aim to keep the titles ‘in print’ in hard copy form.

In 2008 Bible research is being actively progressed. Several new ACTS studies are in early or advanced preparation for publication.

ACTS is a not for profit organisation. Membership is by invitation only. Members give their time, tithes and talents to progress key projects. Funds are NOT solicited.
Donations (freewill offerings) are accepted from supporters motivated by faith.

ACTS is led by founder member Dr. Michael David Bennett OBE.


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