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Dr. Michael David Bennett OBE

Michael Bennett was born on 6th October 1943 into a strongly Protestant Evangelical Christian family at Gravesend, Kent, England.

His grandmother Ada Bennett was active at the Shaftsbury Society Gordon Mission, at Denton in the 1930’s, and led women’s meetings in the Gravesend area for 40 years. She introduced Michael to Bible prophecy meetings at an early age.

Michael’s father, Stanley Bennett, was a well known preacher and convention speaker. He was Pastor of Springfield Pentecostal Church, Northfleet (1944 – 1951), and Founder Pastor of Chalk Pentecostal Church (1953 – 2000). An accredited Bible Pattern Church Fellowship minister (1943– 2000). Stanley was a friend of Principle George Jeffries and of other Pentecostal leaders who were entertained in the home where Michael grew up.

Michael studied at University College of Wales, Aberystwyth (1962-68) graduating in Agricultural Botany (B.Sc. 1965) and obtained a Ph.D. for research (1969). In 1963 he started informal Bible studies for fellow students which led to the foundation of ACTS in 1967. Recognising the value of Bible study and Christian scholarship several members wrote their first article or gave their first sermon to begin careers as authors, editors, and public speakers on Christian themes and platforms.

Michael Bennett at Aberystwyth c1965

Understanding the origins and identities of nations is crucial for tracing the fulfilment of covenant promises and Bible prophecy in history. A large Bible Genealogy chart (30 inches x 40 inches) was produced as a Bible study aid. 1,000 copies were printed in 1967 and distributed. Many are still in use today on vestry, crypt or study walls.
A new improved version is in preparation. Meanwhile, an electronic version of the original chart is available as a free download by clicking on the image below or visiting the Research Library and Resources section of this web site.

Biblical Genealogy Chart thumbnail

Since 1967 Michael has authored many publications on Bible topics. These include: two books (The Principles of Prophecy volume I (1969), and volume II (1972)) and many booklets, besides hundreds of articles in magazines.

Significant booklets authored by Michael Bennett published from 1995 were:
The Times of Jesus Christ (1995)
Seven Times - a mark of Israel (1996)
The Circle of the Earth - Units in Creation (1997)
Doubleness in the Bible (1998);
430 in scripture (1998);
777 - the Mark of the Ark (1999):
The sabbatic period of 70 years (2000),
Wonderful and Horrible (2004);
The Real Millennium (2005)

In 1974 Michael was founder-President of the British Israel Bible Truth Fellowship (Registered charity No. 272447) a role he has fulfilled (except in 198x-87) until now.

He was a co-founder of Bible Truth Publishers (publishing arm of the British Israel Bible Truth Fellowship) which has produced Christian literature for over 30 years.
In 1974 he was a founder co-editor of ‘Bible Truth’ magazine (Issued free as a faith work it passed its 250th issue in 2008), and remains a member of its editorial team.

Bible Truth Magazine 250 thumbnail

Besides working as an author Michael Bennett has engaged as a Christian activist in teaching and preaching ministry. Since the 1960’s he has addressed thousands of private and public meetings in houses, hotels, halls and churches, and lectured as an invited or keynote speaker at numerous conferences in the UK and overseas.

Michael Bennett preaching thumbnail

Michael Bennett baptising thumbnail

Meeting people of all ages from many different walks of life and places provides convincing evidence of the great need for, and life changing power of, Christian Teaching and Bible study, which inspired the formation of ACTS in 1967. From 2008 this web site can reach more people to provide information, hope and help.

Michael Bennett combined working on Bible research and Christian activity with a successful career as a leading plant research scientist and manager. A prolific researcher, he has authored over 330 scientific publications since 1967.

As a well known plant scientist he is listed in Debrett’s ‘Distinguished People of Today’ (2000-) as Professor Michael David Bennett, OBE, BSc, Ph.D, FLS.

After 19 years working on crop plants at Britain’s prestigious Plant Breeding Institute in Cambridge, he moved in 1987 to the world’s premier botanic garden (the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew).

As Keeper of the Jodrell Laboratory, Kew he raised the international profile of the Laboratory and its research. He was the driving force responsible for a £3 million scheme to treble the size of the Jodrell Laboratory, opened by HM the Queen in 1994.

His vision to greatly extend seed conservation led to Kew’s successful bid in 1995 for £21.6 million to put living seed of 10% of the world’s flowering plants in the Millennium Seed Bank (Noah’s Ark for Plants). This globally significant seed conservation project, of which he was science team leader until 1998, was opened by HRH the Prince of Wales in 2000.

As a researcher on plant genomes, chromosomes and DNA, Michael Bennett was:
- a British Petroleum (BP) Venture Research Fellow from 1986-1992.
- awarded the Order of the British Empire (OBE) for services to the Royal Botanic
Gardens, Kew in the Queen’s New Years Honours List in 1996.
- Made a Fellow of the University of Wales (Aberystwyth) in 2000.

Michael Bennett Aberystwyth Professor Ceremony

Passing the official retirement age (60) from UK government service in 2003, his contract was extended to lead science planning for a £6 million extension of the Jodrell laboratory which opened as the Wolfson Wing in June 2006. On his retirement in August 2006 he was appointed a Kew Honorary Research Fellow.


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